Colt Starting and Foundation Training

Contact Cameron at (406) 224-1428

Cameron is an exceptional trainer and colt starter.  Your young horse will receive a foundation that will allow them to move forward into whatever discipline you desire.  Cameron uses techniques he has learned from years of training, from working with other top-notch trainers, and from being a true student of the horse.  His ability to gain respect and give respect is amazing.

Cameron also works with horses that have had a long break from riding and/or horses that are giving their owner(s) difficulties.

  • Includes quality hay and private training pen or stall
  • Will grain if requested, however you provide/pay for the grain
  • Does not include shoes, our farrier will shoe your horse while here in training at your expense or you can arrange to have horse done prior to training
  • We only accept a limited number of horses in training at a time, please contact us regarding openings.


We recommend 2-3 sessions (60-90 days) for colts that will be handled by anyone with less than advanced riding skills – for the success of both horse and rider.

You can’t send them to kindergarten and expect a college graduate in a month!