“I bought this card for you because I saw in it the teamwork it has taken for the two of us to work together with Modoc.  As the description on the back says, thank you for helping me take a step forward to finding that ride that will change my life.”

Mary, Whitehall MT

“Thanks for giving me an open door to keep in touch.  I need someone to keep me motivated and focused on my goals.  Thanks so much for all you did for me and Filly.  I feel much more prepared and confident as a leader in our partnership.  Your help was amazing!”

Melody, Billings MT

“Thanks for all your expertise during the clinic. I learned so much my head was spinning and it was a lot of fun! Your emphasis on safety and respect was outstanding, as was the fact you were willing to focus on so many aspects of horse ownership. Once again, thanks you are really great instructors.”

Colleen, Helena MT